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Alex Hohl - Skate Art Designer, Graffiti Artist and Fine Art Painter

Zurich / Switzerland

Alex Hohl

Artist biography.

Alex Hohl started drawing with pencil as a child early. Later a school mate showed him graffiti art. Inspired by the street artist Redel, Alex was able to further develop his own style with spray, airbrush, acrylic and oil. He creates art masterpieces with a lot of muse, flair and attention to detail . To do this, he needs a lot of time and patience, because it may well happen that he works on an artwork for several months. Step by step. Alex lives in Zurich and has a joint studio with Redel.

Alex donation goes to the BOS Association.

The association BOS Switzerland was founded as Borneo Orangutan Survival Association Switzerland in Zurich. The purpose of the association is the protection of species, animals, nature and the environment in Indonesia and Malaysia, in particular the promotion of the protection and conservation of orangutans and their habitats, the tropical rainforest in Borneo.,