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About us

Welcome to our tribe of skateboard lovers, art fans and human BEings.

We are social passionpreneurs that improve the world through our love to skateboarding and art. We collaborate with local and international artists to produce originals, unicats and limited art skateboard editions.

Markus, Leon and Reinke

We are building a community of artists, skateboarders, snowboarders and surfers that love art, share a deep dedication to FLOW moments and empower social change. We are donating 15% of revenue to following non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and institutions that seek to make the world a better place for all:

  • Smiling Gecko, a not-for-profit organisation under Swiss law that provides assistance to Cambodia to address fighting hunger, poverty, school education, vocational training for young Cambodians, community development, economic development and protection of the environment. Smiling Gecko pursues a holistic approach with its cluster project that leads to a sustainable improvement of living conditions in a society. Already at the start in 2014, the vision was to expand Smiling Gecko as a holistic cluster project. Since then, many jobs and apprenticeships have been created in the areas of agriculture, tourism, crafts and schools. Many more projects will follow in the areas of industry and crafts by 2025. There are interfaces everywhere due to the economic orientation of the cluster projects. The individual projects should be self-supporting and, after a start-up period, finance the school and thus also the education of the children. This will create an exemplary model of a functioning rural community that provides people with education, decent work and sustainable incomes.
    Initiated by Hannes Schmid.
  • BOS association's purpose is the protection of species, animals, nature and the environment in Indonesia and Malaysia, in particular the promotion of the protection and conservation of orangutans and their habitats, the tropical rainforest in Borneo.

Founder, Markus Huber, conceived of artskateboards.com as a platform that would reflect his passion for flow experiences, skateboarding, snowboarding, craftsmanship, art and social change. Our art skateboard decks are SWISS HAND MADE produced by Reinke who has over 30 years of experience shaping and crafting the best skateboards on the planet.

Join our global community today on Instagram and contribute with your vibe and energy.

Markus Huber