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Paul Moecklin - Artist by heart, Magical Baker and Inventor of the "Wunderschnitte"

Zurich / Switzerland.

Artist biography.

  • 1925 Birth in Zurich
  • 1942 Apprenticeship couturier
  • 1950 - 1970 Student and member of the group of painters around Ernst Wehrli (1892 - 1970)
  • 1954 Apprenticeship as baker/pastry cook
  • 1956 After the death of his father, he takes over the parental tea room with confectionery
  • 1951 Marriage to Catherina Novello (one of the best seamstresses of her time)
  • 1952 Birth of daughter Lionella
  • 1956 - 1979 Paul Moecklin runs the bakery/pastry shop at Altstetterstrasse 134, famous in the city for its "Wunderschnitten". Here his two worlds merge: The bakery and the visual artist's studio.
  • 1971 Birth of granddaughter Catherine
  • 1977 Death of Catherina Moecklin
  • 2002 Marriage to Maria Hobi Moecklin
  • 2002 - 2013 New creative energy, daily presence in the studio with interesting new paintings!
  • 2013 Paul Moecklin dies in September 2013

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