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Afshin Le Bon Etesamifar - Street & Design Artist

Zurich / Switzerland

Afshin Le Bon Etesamifar

Artist biography

Afshin was a graffiti artist who fused into a modern visual designer, artist and denim lover @upperclassjeans. He’s style is unmatched. Once you see it, you will always remember it. The expression he’s creating are phenomenal and one of a kind!

Afshin was born in Zurich, Switzerland. At the beginning of 90s he came to enjoy hip-hop culture and played an amajor part. His graffiti career started in 1994 when the graffiti scene was just arriving to Switzerland. Afshin became one of the famous graffiti artists in Switzerland.

His style gradually evolved into its current form. This form has been visible since the early 2010s and developed from more classical work. The perfection of lines, the richness of the colors and geometric dynamism serve catapult his style into art galleries becoming part of the local scene. He participated in competitions and public shows thanks to his unique style features.