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Markus Huber - Skate Deck Artist, Surfer and Art Skateboard Lover

Zurich / Switzerland.

Artist biography.

Markus Oz Huber develops a holistic vision of art work, where he wants to convey a deeper meaning to the viewer. His designs are a reflection to our deepest self and can act as a catalyst for faster freedom search and more joyful moments. He celebrates life with his family, friends and dedicates his time to build up a global art skateboard community which changes the world for the better. Markus believes in the power to the people(P2P), flow moments, meditation and lives based on his mantra: Go with the flow.

Markus donation goes to Smiling Gecko.

He want to make a sustainable social impact and therfore his 15% donation goes to Smiling Gecko of Hannes Schmid. Hannes has inspired Markus to share and advocate for the weaker ones. Hannes is the founder of the Smiling Gecko foundation. They are improving the quality of life among the poorest people of Cambodia. Thank you Hannes for your tireless commitment.