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Warrior Princess Virago - Triptych Set Carver 840

  • This art masterpiece was created at the crossroads of desire and imagination of the artist. Hero Maiden Virago is not only beautiful, graceful and attractive - she also represents the woman of the 21st century: strong, confident and always ready to draw your sword to reduce the gender gab. Alex basically sees no contradiction in being a warrior and princess alike. The world needs sensual, warrior and steadfast women, because only in this way can humanity change for the better. Virago is also called a goddess who stands up for justice with her warrior heart and fights the evil demons that try to oppress her. Alex dedicates this work to his mother, who was a fighter.

    Artist Alex Hohl
    Edition Unicat, Single edition
    Print Thermo sublimation print
    Signature Hand-signed
    Date 2022
    Setup triptych set of 3 carver longboards
    Size each 840 x 254 x 11 mm
    Material Bambus core with flex fibrelayers
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