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Lord Shiva Carver 840 - Triptych Set Carver 840

  • Alex has created this artwork complementary to an Ayurveda therapy and connects the Divine aspect of life with the artist himself. Alex establishes with this image a connection to his maternal origin Indonesia/Bali and thus processed his neglected Indo culture. Shiva is considered the Uryogi who gave the wisdom of Hatha Yoga to mankind. He symbolizes the infinite, the eternal and the highest consciousness. The overgrown moss, caused by the humid climate in the tropics is understood as a symbol of tranquility, contemplation, balance and fruitful growth. Moss (money) is also understood as an overvaluation of material goods, which may be normalized in order not to impoverish soul-spiritually.

    Artist Alex Hohl
    Edition Unicat, limited to 1
    Print Thermo sublimation print
    Signature Hand-signed
    Date 2022
    Setup triptych set of 3 carver longboards
    Size each 840 x 254 x 11 mm
    Material Bambus core with flex fibrelayers
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